NEMO -The Network of European Museum Organisations – offered webinars in cooperation with MICC – Media Integration and Communication Centre and NEMECH – New Media for Cultural Heritage. Webinars are in English or French facilitated by different museum experts in Europe about diverse topics in the museum field through webinars (online-seminars) to museum professionals in Europe and beyond.


Museums, Markets and Eudaimonia, was delivered on on 25 February 2019 by by Marie Briguglio, Professor, University of Malta.
Can well-being be measured and what can museums add to this equation? After her popular keynote at NEMO’s last conference, Marie Briguglio was invited to give a Webinar focusing on the relationship between museums, economics and well-being.


Maker-in-Residence: How museum professionals can collaborate with local creative partners, was delivered on 30 October2018 by Jenny Siung , Head of Education at the Chester Beatty Library.
The webinar aims to look at how museums can address creative collaborations in the design and delivery of programmes for audiences while harnessing ideas developed and produced by both the Creative Museum (2014-2017) and Making Museum (2017-2019) projects under the Erasmus+ programme.

From mines to mind-maps: A dialogue-based approach to museum planning at Spaç Prison  delivered by Jonathan Eaton and Mirian Bllaci on 25 June 2018. The focus of the webinar is the ongoing work of the non-profit organization Cultural Heritage without Borders–Albania at a former political prison and forced labor camp in north-central Albania called Spaç. Beyond all of the managerial and conservation issues related to developing this site, Spaç Prison challenges what it means to ‘establish’ a museum.

 Museums for All? Going beyond ramps and toilets to embrace access and inclusion for Deaf and disabled people delivered by Michèle Taylor on 16 May 2018
The webinar explores the Social Model of disability as the basis for a practical approach to welcoming Deaf and disabled people into our institutions. Examples from across the world that demonstrate how disabled people are excluded and – more importantly – how barriers have been removed are presented in webinar.

The NL Factor – A journey in the educational world of Dutch museums was delivered on 29 January 2018 by Margherita Sani 
How museums can be made appealing to children and young people? Are there some good practice examples in Europe from which to draw inspiration? After seeing several impressive museums with a focus on children and young people in the Netherlands, Margherita decided to investigate Dutch museums in relation to said subject.


Museums Health and Well Being  was delivered on 16 June 2017 by Mark O’Neill 
The webinar deals with the potential of museums to contribute to public health. Many museum staff intuitively believe museums make a positive contribution to people’s health and well being, and are increasingly developing activities and projects which seek to enhance their impact. his webinar aims to look beyond individual projects and to make a strategic assessment of the potential contribution of museums to human well being. It reviews the evidence for the health benefits of museum visiting, in the context of a broad history of how museums have related to public health in the past 150 years.

The great revolution of European museums – was delivered on 5 April 2017 facilitated by Prof Massimo Negri. The director of the European Museum Academy has been a juror for different museum prizes and awards at European level for more than 40 years. Drawing from his experience and the findings disclosed in his most recent book The great revolution of European museums he shared examples of innovative practices, new trends and especially approaches to museums, marketing and the new challenges. Which museums were the most influential in the European scene in the last 20 years? Which contributed to change professional practices, people’s perceptions and visitors’ expectations and experiences? – 


Museums as intercultural spaces: exploring new paradigms – was delivered on 30 November 2016 facilitated by Simona Bodo. In what ways can museums serve as places for intercultural dialogue? To which extend can they influence intercultural dialogue? What are useful examples or case studies? How can museums benchmark diversity management?

La place des émotions dans les musées: le point de vue du scénographe was delivered on 28 September 2016 facilitated by Arch. Lorenzo Greppi. Target group: Museum professionals in general, education staff and curators, exhibition makers and designers

New digital tools and techniques for Cultural Heritage and Museums was delivered on 1 June 2016 facilitated by Prof. Alberto Del Bimbo, Dr. Andrea Ferracani and Dr. Daniele Pezzatini (MICC and NEMECH). The webinar introduced different technologies that can be used in museums and discussed their functions  and the experiences the facilitators made in their field of work at the University of Florence, NEMECH and MICC .

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