HERO: THE GUIDE in an app


he work of the architect / designer Antonio Pio Saracino Hero will be on display until September 20, 2015 in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence as part of the exhibition titled “Hero for Florence” a break down in a contemporary key of the Michelangelo work, of which the importance of Saracino, sculpture comes close. Visitors of the Academy who will see the work of Antonio Pio Saracino will gain access to interviews with the author and will be able to receive information from an app downloaded by simply reading a QR-code. But visitors can learn more on the work, its motivations and its genesis, just by being close to the work.

Video conceded by PMG Italy

I-beacon Sensors installed near the work transmit via low energy Bluetooth an identifier that intercepts smartphones, serves as the key to make more detailed information available to the visitor on the work of art, its an innovative solution to mention the works of a museum.

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The project told by Antonio Pio Saracino.