or Onna Onlus we created an information center (infobox) in the village of Onna (AQ) to illustrate the reality of the country before the earthquake of 2009 and the plans for reconstruction.

Funded by Onna Onlus

The system is made of three large interactive walls where visitors can, through simple natural gestures, consult multimedia material that tells the story of the village of Onna, it shows the different areas and places of interest. The application is developed in API Matlab, C ++ and OpenCV. The video content was produced in collaboration with RAI.

The installation consists of an interactive central wall  3 x 1.5 meters and two side walls for the display of the content. Infrared cameras detect the presence of one or more subjects in front of the wall isolating parts of the body closest to the screen. The interaction with the wall is controlled by a computer vision software that interprets the gestures and the visitor activates the selection, scrolling and display of multimedia material.