iveCities is a web application that allows you to reveal the dynamics of a city through the characteristics of the places and the attitudes and interests of those who attend them in a perspective of Smart Cities and Communities.


n LiveCities places are characterized on the basis of their type as identified and based not only on the categorization of Foursquare and Facebook profiles of those who use them and that check-in. The statistics of the interest of the Facebook profiles of people who have checked in determine the types of people who frequent the place and define its continuous updating.

LiveCities thus provides personal tips on areas of the city, local museums places that are best suited to the interests of the individual and allows the visualization and analysis of the social dynamics in terms of urban lifestyles, business, demographics, transportation, etc., with the goal of discovering the true heart of the city.
LiveCities is developed in Java as a web servlet and deployed in Apache Tomcat. LiveCities was presented WWW2014, Seoul, Korea.